Bulk Sub-Account Transfer Request

STOP: Important Update March 28th, 2024

This process is now only for Bulk Transfers. Please review This Article for all other transfers.

Please Watch Video Before Proceeding - Please Read All Text In This Form Before Answering The Questions That Follow Them

1. Sub-Account transfers will move the entire sub-account to another agency. It will NOT copy the sub-account

2. This is also not a sub-account merge. We DO NOT merge sub-accounts
3. All data will be unedited, we WILL NOT edit individual parts of a sub-account before or after transferring a sub-account
4. We CAN transfer sub-accounts with active HIPAA Compliance as long as the Recieiving Agency is HIPAA compliant. Other restrictions and steps apply
Now that you know all of the info and want to proceed, start here

For this question you will be able to find it by going to the sub-accounts that need to be transferred then viewing the URL at the top of the screen. Look for the set of number and letters after the sub-account (refer to screenshot)

For the next two questions you will find the answers to them inside of agency level - company settings of the AGENCY THAT IS RELEASING THE BULK SUB ACCOUNT TRANSFER. They are labeled as "Company Name" and "Company Email" (Refer to screenshot below)

Make sure the the "company email" here is that of the AGENCY, not the sub-account. (Note: if you do not have agency access, reach out to the agency you are under for this info)

NOTE : IF this releasing Company Email is incorrect this WILL cause delays in the transfer process. Please double check with your agency admin

For the next two questions you will find the answers to them inside of agency level- company settings of the AGENCY THAT IS RECEIVING THE BULK TRANSFER. They are labeled as "Company Name" and "Company Email" (Refer to screenshot above)

What To Expect After The Bulk Transfer is Completed:


1. Please ensure that all users that you want to be transferred over are User Type 'Account' and only assigned to this specific sub-account being transferred. If the user is assigned to any sub-account(s) that are not be transferred, they will remain in the Releaing Agency.

PLEASE NOTE that if the user in the sub-account(s) being released is the same email as the agency that is receiving the sub-account, then the user info will be overwritten with the information in the sub-account being transferred.

PLEASE READ: If one of the subaccounts you are transfering has a user email that using the SAME email as the agency admin in the RECEIVING account

Please either:
1. Delete or change the email of the user in the subaccount being transfered


2. Create another Agency Admin user for your self to log in as in the receiving account or change the agency admin email.

If the receiving agency admin email is the same as the user email in the subaccount being transfered the subaccount user email will overwrite the agency email and you will not be able to log into your agency view unless you reach out to support.

SaaS Sub-accounts:
1. Any Sub-account with SaaS enabled will need to have it disabled before it is transferred. Call or chat in to support and we can disable the sub-account for you after you:
--- a. Reconcile the wallet: https://help.gohighlevel.com/support/solutions/articles/48001207115-saas-wallet-credit-management
--- b. Cancel any SaaS subscriptions that might be running.
Mailgun and Twilio:
1. SMTP, Mailgun and Twilio will be Deleted from the Sub-Account
2. It is the new agency/account owner receiving the sub-account's responsibility to set up their email (Mailgun/SMTP) and phone (Twilio/LeadConnector ISV) senders. No Phone numbers will be transferred over by HighLevel. It is your responsibility to work with the previous agency/account owner as well as Twilio to move over any and all phone numbers that you may want to keep connected to the transferred sub-account: https://help.gohighlevel.com/support/solutions/articles/48001177283-move-twilio-numbers-from-one-twilio-account-to-another
ISV LeadConnector Phone:
1. If the subaccount(s) being transferred is(are) is under our LeadConnector ISV phone service you will have to either set up your own Twilio or enable LeadConnector ISV in the sub-account after the transfer is made. We will provide you with the SID number(s) from the original sub-account(s) and you will have to contact Twilio support to move any numbers after the transfer.

After a Sub-Account Transfer, will I need to register my A2P Campaigns?

If you are using LeadConnector (LC) Phone System, you will need to register a new campaign in the receiving Agency of the Sub-Account Transfer. This is unavoidable, however, as we know, you can register a Toll-Free Number quickly to get you sending, while you wait for your new A2P Campaign to be registered. See the information below on getting sending ASAP in your new receiving Agency Account for your Sub-Account.Step

1: Register a Toll-Free Number to get your sending ASAP.
Step 2: Register your New A2P Campaign in the HighLevel Trust Center
Step 3: After your A2P is approved, switch back to using your preferred number.

1. All Auth connections will be deleted (ex: google, fb, quickbooks, clio, drchrono)
2. All Facebook and Google settings will be cleared
3. Sub-account level Stripe fields will be cleared
1. All snapshots will be unlinked from that sub-account (ex: pushing snapshots will not affect them anymore)
1. All notifications related to that sub-account will be cleared
1. Workflows, Campaigns, and Triggers will all be drafted


  1. Smartlists do not get transferred over with the sub-account currently

Multiple Sub-Accounts:

If you are transferring more than one sub-account, you will only need to fill out this form once.

Once you submit this form we will send the Transfer Release Form to the Releasing Agency Email. Sub-account Transfers are processed between 2-5 business days AFTER the releasing agency approves this request. Please make sure that you filling in correct details to avoid delays. If a request is NOT approved within 2 weeks, we will automatically start the review process to start the transfer.